Domino’s Pizza opens first 24 hour store in Ohio

Domino's Pizza outlet in Ohio is the first in the US to obtain a 24 hour licence

A Domino’s Pizza outlet in Ohio is said to be the first to open 24 hours a day. The store, which is situated close to Dayton University, launched its 24 hour service a month ago making it the first Domino’s Pizza outlet in the US to offer the all-day and night service.

The branch has added a range of new items to its menu to cater for the 24 hour needs of its customers. A selection of breakfast pizzas has now been added to the menu to offer customers an alternative to the conventional cereal and toast. Now pizza fans can wake up and enjoy their favourite takeaway topped with bacon, eggs and cheese or even sausage.

Over in the UK, a Domino’s Pizza store in Manchester is the first in Britain to open 24 hours a day. The opening hours have proved such a success that two outlets in the UK are now set to follow suit.

The Manchester outlet is offering a “breakfast in bed” service whereby your order is delivered directly to you so you can enjoy the ultimate luxury courtesy of Domino’s Pizza. As well as breakfast pizzas, the Manchester store is also offering the traditional full English breakfast, plus egg subs, and bacon butties.

Domino’s Pizza officials are said to be monitoring the sales and product offerings of each of the 24 hour outlets to gauge the success of the venture and whether more stores should follow suit.

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