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Domino’s Pizza celebrates new BBQ pizza with Wild West Facebook game

March 1, 2012 by Michelle  
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Domino’s Pizza has come up with a novel way of celebrating the launch of a brand new pizza on their menu – they’ve created a brand new online Wild West inspired game especially for use by their Facebook fans.

The Wild West Showdown Game has been launched to celebrate the new BBQ stuffed crust pizza recently introduced by Domino’s Pizza. Facebook users can invite their friends online to play along with the game which tests their knowledge of all things Wild West with a series of questions.

For every question answered correctly, the player takes one step forward in a classic high noon showdown with BBQ Pete. The first challenger to take 10 steps, before BBQ Pete, wins the duel and is awarded points which are recorded on the leader board. Beware, if BBQ Pete gets his steps in before you, he’ll get his revenge by squirting a large quantity of his BBQ sauce in your face!

Every Friday Domino’s will award a free pizza party to the player at the top of the Wild West Showdown leader board; no doubt the winners will be rewarded with a generous delivery of Domino’s brand new stuffed crust pizza filled with Texas BBQ sauce.

Domino’s say the new game will appeal to their 400,000 fans on Facebook who enjoy utilising the online platform to interact with Domino’s, and also win prizes along the way.

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