Domino’s offers free pizzas in the US to customers with fully functioning smoke alarms

Domino's Pizza logo

Domino's Pizza joins forces with the National Fire Protection Association in the US to raise awareness of fire safety

Leading home pizza delivery giant, Domino’s Pizza, have teamed up with the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) in the US to help raise awareness of fire safety during national fire prevention week.

Every year during Fire prevention week, which runs from October 3rd -9th this year, fire officers run door-to-door checks to ensure home owners have fully functioning smoke alarms in their houses.

Since teaming up with Domino’s Pizza this year round, in some parts of the country pizza customers are having their orders delivered by a fire engine. Fire officers will then check the smoke alarms in the home of the customers and if they are in good working order, they are given their pizza order free of charge.

If the smoke alarms are not up to scratch, the fire officers will replace the batteries and check the alarms are fully functioning before leaving the premises, but on the down side, the customer will have to pay for their pizza.

The idea is to help raise awareness of good fire safety practice and to help promote regular smoke alarm checks. Having a fully functioning smoke alarm in a house saves lives, so it’s vital people check their fire alarms regularly to ensure the batteries are still in good working order.

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