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Domino’s named Best Pizza chain by men’s magazine

January 27, 2011 by Michelle  
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Domino’s Pizza has been named Best Pizza Chain by leading men’s magazine in the US.

The pizza giant was handed the accolade by Men’s Health magazine, however the criteria for winning wasn’t based on how tasty the pizzas on offer are, but how good they are for you.

Domino’s award was part of a wider feature in the magazine entitled “America’s Best and Worst Restaurants” in the most recent edition of the leading men’s magazine. The publication set about finding the healthiest options for men as part of their “battle for our waistlines” feature as the magazine believes that many restaurants and fast food providers are in fact “dangerous” for men’s health.

According to the Men’s Heath survey, Domino’s Philly cheese and steak pizza came out on top as the healthiest option for pizza fans who want to watch their waistlines. The publication recommends this pizza as it says the steak provides good lean protein, while the mushrooms, onions and peppers provide a good source of fibre.

The unhealthiest option for pizza according to Men’s Health is California Kitchen Pizza as the awkward sizing makes it difficult to eat a healthy portion.

Other outlets which fared well in the Men’s Health survey for healthy options were burger restaurants Wendy’s, and Subway for their subs which feature less than 400 calories.

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