Domino’s launching NFC-enabled summer ad campaign to encourage app orders

dominos app handSummer is the quietest time of the year in terms of orders for Domino’s, and to increase sales, the pizza chain is using NFC (near field communication) in the form of scannable outdoor adverts.

Customers might not find themselves near a physical Domino’s store while they are out and about this summer, so the interactive ads, which can be scanned using a smart phone, enable them to download the Domino’s app. This gives customers an easier, more straightforward way to get the app and order pizza, rather than having to search for it through an app store. It’s all part of a campaign to drive summer sales for the popular pizza chain, and was created in partnership with Iris Worldwide and Arena Media.

According to Domino’s, less people order in the store because they are more likely to be out doing other things such as socialising with friends and family. Also, the fact there are few major sporting events happening this year compounds the situation – this has been a factor, credited by Domino’s, to slow sales periods in the past.

The NFC-enabled ads are part of a move to drive loyalty to the brand, rather than using mobile just to push sales at customers. It gives customers a chance to show loyalty in their own time and off their own backs.

Suellen Morris, Campaign Manager at Domino’s, says: “Lot’s of people already use our app and over 50 per cent of orders are now online. We wanted to make it more convenient for people to order when they’re out and about this summer.”

Traditionally, brands have used near field communication (NFC) for the purpose of mobile payments. But now, some have begun to offer smartphone users rewards for tagging promotions in order to take it beyond just payments. For example, HMV offers customers incentives for checking in at its stores through NFC tags in the form of cards, wristbands or mobile app.

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