Domino’s India launches 500th store

Pizza chain Domino’s have firmly established their monopoly on the Indian pizza delivery industry with the launch of their 500th store in the country. The US giant now have a 55 percent share of India’s pizza market and cater to 70 percent of all India’s home-delivery pizzas.

Domino’s have established themselves as a household name since entering the Indian market in 1996 with indigenous pizza creations such as ‘keema do pyaaza’, ‘peppy paneer’, ‘five pepper pizza’ and ‘non-veg extravaganza’. The chain now employs an approximate 15,000 people in 110 different Indian cities.

India is now Domino’s third biggest overseas market, following the UK and Mexico. Domino’s in the US is the biggest market for the pizza company with over 4900 Domino’s outlets in operation.

Hari Bhartia is the co-chairman of Jubilant Foodworks Limited, the New Delhi-based publically listed company that holds the master franchisee licence for Domino’s International in India. It is the fastest growing Domino’s pizza market in the world and Mr Bhartia sees plenty of scope for expansion in the future. According to the FT, Mr Bhartia said at the opening of the 500th store: “We have been able to make pizzas a household product. We don’t see any limit for growth.”

CEO of Jubilant Foodworks Limited, Ajay Kaul, said: “Every new store launch is an important occasion, as it helps us to reach more customers and offer our range of tasty products. But this 500th store opening marks a significant milestone in our successful journey in India. “

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