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January 18, 2011 by Tony  
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- Mother-to-be eats pizza and goes into labour –

Domino’s Pizza located at Outer Circle in Lincoln received a lovely thank you from new mother, Laura Goldberg, as after eating a few slices of Domino’s Pizza her much overdue labour was brought on.

Pizza loving customer, Laura, was 41 and a half weeks pregnant, so well overdue, but whatever she did to try and bring on the baby, nothing worked.  She was admitted to hospital with high blood pressure and the hospital induced her, but still nothing happened.  The hospital kept her in and her partner decided to treat her to her favourite Domino’s Pizza to help cheer her up.  After eating a few slices her waters broke and a beautiful bouncing baby boy arrived a few hours later.  Her new son, Oscar, was born on December 17, 2010 and weighed 8Ib 12oz – he certainly came out with a smile on his face!

Laura Goldberg said: “Whatever we tried nothing worked.  I was so uncomfortable and couldn’t wait for my baby to arrive.  Thanks to Domino’s my son Oscar has finally made an appearance – I think, like me, he definitely has a taste for Domino’s Pizza.”

It just goes to show that Domino’s really are the delivery experts.

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