Dominos Have Proof That Pizza is the Best Hangover Cure

Dominos Have Proof That Pizza is the Best Hangover Cure


With Christmas and New Year having taken its toll on us we can’t help but wish that we had the perfect hangover cure throughout the party-fuels month of December, with all the bucks fizz and Baileys being a constant fixture o the dinner table.

A new study has now confirmed that Pizza is in fact the preferred hangover cure of the British, with Dominos Pizza reportedly selling 2,290,288 on New Years Day.

Encouraging NYE partygoers to ‘grab a slice of hot, cheesy, hangover-saving deliciousness with zero effort’ Dominos was able to study the county’s hangovers, using their new app to do so.

My making ordering pizza such an easy task the Pizza chain could monitor the number of sales across the country.

‘The restorative effects of our pizza are widely known, as is our passion for innovation, so pairing the new Easy Order with the Apple Watch – the ultimate convenience gadget – is a match made in heaven,’ said sales marketing director at Domino’s Simon Wallis.

Let us at Pizza News know what you think, is pizza the best hangover cure? Leave your thoughts below.

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