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some of which may be briefly enumerated : (a) Acardia, absence of the
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other parts of the body. There is considerable incoordination of move-
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has previously observed with more or less care, so the unclean
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The number of red corpuscles may be reduced to less than 200,000 per
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which is due to the irritating and concentrated urine, may also be here
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The course is variable. It may be acute, terminating either in con-
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The sixth edition has just been prepared. No one doing any exten-
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creased to 1025 or more early in the case ; later it may be as low as 1010
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gressive increase in the capacity of the chambers until they attain to
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^ Transactions of the Association of American Physicians, vol. iii.
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" The practical parts of Dr. Chapin's book are what constitute its distinctive merit. We
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connection the recent studies of Goldthwait, Painter, Osgood, Reynolds,
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tensified by the application of heat to the liquids.
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paroxysms external warmth is needed, along with hot drinks to encour-
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hemoptysis, in which there is an escape of light-red fluid from the
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On July 15, Csesarean section was performed, and at 8.30
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tensive they may by pressure cause cerebellar symptoms. Tumors in the
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be removed if not impracticable. Good hygiene, systematic evacuation
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Pachymeningitis haemorrhagica interna, or hematoma of the dura mater,
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There is nearly always some splenic enlargement, and in many
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moral suasion, and the condition of their nervous systems should receive
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sometimes be present, and temporary hemiplegia has been noted.
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involved. The intense venous variety of vascular goiter has been de-
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extensive employment that it is of doubtful value in the majority of
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Fragments of fibrinous coagula dislodged from betvN'een the musculi
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perforate the bones of the skull, producing a fungus hematoides.
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ing motion, and eventually ankylosis, with some degree (usually slight)
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"Supravaginal amputation is the easier operation, especially in
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sults from gastrostomy in a case of simple stricture operated upon by