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performed only at the Army Medical Service Graduate School and

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On visiting the hospital in a week, he was reported to have had

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house for four months by Bright's disease ; but his death was very sudden at the last.

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the same size except that the supracardiac dulness seemed to

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the most favorable spots should be avoided. The dips are

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turn to the section on Arachnida where a key to this class will be

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by sublethal doses. Vaccination against variola in all probability affords an

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measure 3 ml of water and 5 ml of the standard phos-

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pulmonic second. A blowing systoKc murmur was heard over

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2 or 3 loopfuls of rice flour to each tube. Incubate at

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addition of agar or gelatin. Since the melting point of

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actions appeared. She wandered aimlessly about the house or

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the serum or plasma to 2 or 4 volumes with 0.9 percent

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yet, in those burns of greater gravity, almost always has this

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by the chronicity of the symptoms in spite of the use of such

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yet is it the wound through the peritoneum and abdominal

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Clinic of Dr. Ralph A. Kinsella, Medical Clinic, St. Mary's Hospital, St. Louis Uni-

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Building, East Concord Street, Thursday evening, the 8th inst.

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hard to discover the secrets of nature and to apply them, to the

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lets or loopfuls of serum and antigen on ringed slides or on cover

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is made with an applicator on a clean slide. Without allowing the

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tiveness of control measures, a uniform system of collections

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is inhaled, this method of treatment is worth trying provided

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animals may resist infections with various organisms, and yet be sus-

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steam and allow the pressure to decline to zero; re-

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course through which each one of them has moved from before

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prepared daily in test tubes identical with those used for

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vantage of Fuller's method appears to be that the optical density

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(a) Proteose No. 3 agar has been most widely used as the

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Some amount of bronchial catarrh is very common, and shows itself

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immunisation produces a serum possessing both antitoxic and antibacterial

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equation (1) is valid even if the solution does not obey Beer's law

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438. Interpretation of the Complement-Fixation Test for

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ingly short of breath; for three weeks he had had to stop and

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in the refrigerator at 6° to 8° C. for 15 to 18 hours

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crystals. It is at this lower temperature, possessed