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even when the diarrhoea has ceased for months, we are not at all cer-
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On motion the matter was referred to the Secretary with the
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renal ectopia about 86 cases occur in women. The right kidney is displaced
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So again mil. 22.161 we see a life at stake, that of Hector. Achilles
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others suffering from that disease, and no marked des-
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8. Disinfection with the ordinary disinfectants, even boiling and prolonged
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development of the lower ribs through the action of corsets, not unduly
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dangering life. Some are purely mechanical ; others are due to pathological
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mesentery and omentum ; the liver was not affected. The
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recto-vesical fascia upon the sides of the bladder.
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Lstration. just before bed-time, of a tumblerful of hot
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The patient's pulse had become very rapid, between 190
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itching of the occipital region. In all forms of eczema of the face
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of the contact of the body, but could judge neither of the temperature nor of
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congestionof the bi-ain, 1 — bronchitis, 1 — burns, 1 — cancer, 1 — consunii)tion, 9 — convulsions,
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Revulsives are of value, and effectual in many cases,
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Case V. — Of this case I have but very imperfect notes. He was a seaman,
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instrument. The advantages are particularly striking when dealing
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our very bounden duty — to bow to the decrees of Providence,
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cal cord. She had been put under treatment which had prt)ved
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must be employed in separating adhesions on the left than
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thin membrane, and the escape of the intes- 1 should always be prepared, and this espe-
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fect the vasomotors, consequently it lowered blood pres-
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dark red color. It contained no red blood-corpuscles,
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Variinu! E.ciimuiatioii. — Cervix .small and os uteri healthy.
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author, as to the possibility of permanently eradicating cancer, may
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disease. Several varieties are described, according to the character of
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through the sphenopalatine ganglion of the second branch of the trigeminus it
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upwards so that it was overhung by the keloid above it.
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associated with the Hospital which he has so long, well, and
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has been from nervous shock or from primary hicmor-
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the blade being pushed inward only far enough for its
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and Johnstone 1902 ; Barronsia (monozoic) ; Benedenia (trizoic). Of all these
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after all, it is advisable to anchor the sigmoid flexure in proper posi-
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everywhere throughout the system; "ventriculo languid© omnia lan-
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first with a one-per-cent. boric-acid solution and then with a
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a slight degree of this bilateral representation of the movements of the
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A Dissertation on Ischias, or the disease of the Hip-joint, commonly
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had been amputated nineteen days before, Baron Larrey found the nerves enlarged at
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edge of the doctor that the condition is frequently transient and of little
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of pathology and etiology. When the treatment is advo-
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a mortality of 4 per cent. This case mortality (relatively high for this
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injections. My experience with vaginal injections in puerperal
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the artery is not only secured from injury, but it remains undis-