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regular colleges in Canada and in foreign countries. The tickets or
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nervated only by fibers from the vagus-accessory and not from the facial.
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Marks, notations and other maiginalia present in the original volume will appear in this file - a reminder of this book's long journey from the
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degree of M.D. after a regular course of study not less than thre&
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actively associated with the University of Chicago.
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tively. The cost of all professional school lectures and courses required for
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mentality, and even downright foolishness. These tendencies are much greater
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the most characteristic change in paresis. At any rate, with Tuczek, Wer-
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John Olwin, M.D., Francis A. Hardy Fellow in Surgery; House Surgeon, Presbyterian
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1. Quininae sulphatis, gr. xv-xxx D. tal. pulv. No. 4.
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hard to decide whether we should regard a cerebral infantile paralysis as the
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• {4) . Rennet. Rennet is a consisrcial preparation of the enzyme, rennin. It is
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2. Drawing the shoulder blade toward the median line (Mm. rhomboidei,
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:.t:'?'- T.;1k products cnat ~*iy be deli vered in ot.lk dispenser cans because their weight
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very apt to fail. According to certain interesting, more recent observations,
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during the earlier part of their attendance, bnt shall be entitled to witness the
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gases are forced into his room he will stuff the keyholes and cracks with rags
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ajbtendance upon at least six cases of labour. Having passed in this
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Scholarships, Medals, and Prixes. -^ 1. The Holmes €h>ld Mednit,
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Books BECOHHEirDED.-^Among the best books which the student
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intervals between the attacks will be longer, and at others shorter. In severe
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to complain constantly of all possible nervous troubles after some slight ex-
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Earle Gray, M.D., Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine.
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lactic acid. At normal tejaperatures (60» - 90" f,), ttwy grow rapidly and produce
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^. preservaifc#. Type I era fish »«rk«ti^ in a chUlea state^^
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Anthorities in the United Kingdom mentioned in Schedule A of the Medical
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duration. The examinations are two in number : First, in General
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woms die they are carried by the blood^streanj to the -lungs, where they disintegrate and
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In what this predisposition consists we do not know, being acquainted only
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ending in dementia is to be regarded as the paranoid form of dementia
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Walzer, Joseph, a, iv, sp, Cleveland Heights, Ohio. A.B. (Harvard C.) '34.
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cephaly), or much enlarged, as in hydrocephalus. The eyes are sunken and