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" Labour and Life of the People," carefully discussed this subject, and

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complete as it is in the case of several other infectious diseases. We

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in a small proportion of cases, and may or may not be coincident with

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tion and prove fatal in many cases. Embedded in the mucosa

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imported from Mankato, began in the spring. There were three fatal cases

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The clinical history, as determined by an analysis of thirty-one cases

does prednisone elevated blood pressure

As to the present law, the statute provides that there may be a

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I push a bit; I use the word “abstinence”; I say that some

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the limits of comfort. Furthermore, a great economy would be effected.

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Dr. E. A. Egan, Springfield, 111. Second "Vice-President, Dr.

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interfere with the development of the hair follicles.

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