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rounding tissue. It has been proved that these leucocytes
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" I would not like to convey the impression that such
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rye, and golden-rod. When the special exciting pollen reaches the mucous
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That the same disorder has been brought over from Ireland, and
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tility is preserved in meningitis, but often lost in myelitis. Haemor-
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quality of the health care they and their employees will
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belief. He carefully cautions us to support the patient's strength under a serous
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before the expectoration has properly begun. In milder cases no
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118-124. — Bastiaiielli (R.) Sulla pi'esenza dei blasto-
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have been recommended. The use of opium deserves most confidence.
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to follow, by dissection, the bronchial tube from which the
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deviations, mental infirmities. These are vices of or-
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relieved. This habit was marked in a gouty patient under my observation.
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introduction into the human body of a serum obtained
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should be a source of satisfaction to you who are in the
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substances used in our previous experiments, namely, hirudin.
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class criminals ; and that high crime is " moral insanity." Without
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III. A mistaken diagnosis is another fruitful source of
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triumphantly claims to have cured a case of syphilis, " exhibit-
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wise to injure the nutrition of the teeth. — Brit. Med, Jour.
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repositor which had proved very helpful in the proceeding.
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section sloughing off and passing out. I believe I made it plain that
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Every trading-store keeps on hand a large supply of
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