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elimination through the kidneys by diuretic remedies. Clinical experience
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purpose of this book is to furnish a practical guide for the otologist
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They did not differ from the culture-positive group in
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leukemic blood, it was at first believed that he had found a reliable point of differ-
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' discontinuation of administration and that it was not enhanced by long-
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It is usual to speak of the derangement of the sensorial system as a
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in 4-gr. doses. The author is strongly opposed to the routine employ-
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in doses of from 50 to 200 millions. He thinks that the best results are obtained ^
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Lombard of Genoa); no data, however, exist to show that the High-
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of diarrhoea, and the evidence, on all sides, of a graver malady. Rare
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The drugs most frequently given to animals for their-
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sults, though the former is so unendurably painful in its
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the etiological factors concerned in the production of women's
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Held, are inclined to insist on a modification of this view and to contend
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stance ; with these is associated blastema, and to these may
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