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of a scrutinising mind. It is inspired by the spirit of Goethe


stage that we usually see these cases. The patient is generally per-

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Syrup of Ipecac has long been a popu- children, isolation until the whooping

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into vertex cases by manual flexion of the head. Schatz's

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1904 Farnan, Denis J., M.B., R.U.I., 25 Westland-row.

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On the proposal of Dr. Alfred Smith, seconded by Dr. Nkil,

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from the Transactions of the State of New York, 1861. New York, 1861.

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tration, thorium X was used in the experiments now reported.

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obtain a few drops, and inoculate at once one of the bouillon tubes with it. Without much

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faculties of the various colleges in the future will

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notoriously bad. In one instance a young woman, who had been sent

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doses) equally efficaciqus. They are generally best administered in com-

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der the direction of Cresswell, J, returned a verdict for the plaintiffs theieg

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termed a school or sect. Some of these individuals were

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vantages, and the mental condition improves rather than declines under

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(6) Traumatism. — Following injuries and contusions, especially of the

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boiled and has liad its proportion of salt reduced to that giveu above,

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labor for a man of his age, through the haying season. The pain in

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Morbid Anatomy. — ^The post-mortem may reveal signs of some

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or the products of the breaking down of corpuscles, or

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an hour later, he was still unconscious ; pulse loo,

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Everard, Demoor, Massart. Ann. de Vlnstitut Pasteur, 1893.

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made good use of it in gastric ulcers, atony of the stomach, and

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easily paralzyed when the mucous membrane of the pharynx, which

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pearls, and various stones. They all carry fans, and those of the

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writer of the paper with regard to the influence of proper

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contents, namely, of one of the hair-follicles it is ten to one that

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was excoriated as after a blister, and there were diges-

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in which the temperature in the rectum during the whole course

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6 p.m. : Temperature 103°-6 ; fell after last bath to 100°4.

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1898. Thirty poisonous plants of the United States. U. S. Department of Agri-

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sufficiently heavy to antagonise the inspired air. Hence em-

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being carcinomatous (Lesage &: Robin. — Lorrain), and Rouffart

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375; 419. — Chirivino (T.) Vn c;iso non comuue di favo

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paths cross the median line rather higher up than the origin of

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Traces of this philosophy, for it is more physiology

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The most careful examination for tetanus failed to reveal