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prostate is now cleaned and its a[«x idcntifled. No barm can
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Chronic infection with the hepatitis B virus can result in the development of serious liver disease such
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number in mneii jrreater, owin^', no doubt, to the fa<'l. tiiat the
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inflammation nor pain ; but there followed a rapid wast-
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this. There may be experimental protocols that would be
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tomie comparee de l apparcil moteur de I'oeil. Aich.
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tion or complication is very frequently overlooked, but the asso-
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cases of chronic diarrhoea " The examination often discovers ulcera-
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to the wants of those whose preliminary education has been hurried and
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parenchymatous organs on the one hand, and ning air on
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so severely as to give rise to gangrenous areas, which may leave scarring.
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pallor of the distal phalanx with cyanosis of the proximal, or vice versd.
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appears red and swollen at particular parts in the form of cir-
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rather than where the tissues are muscular or robust.
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from scrofulous, cachectic, or syphilitic affections, from mercurialism,
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by drugs % Why has irresistible evidence of the manifestation
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progress till it terminated in death. I had to find out the
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league, Dr Muirhcad, had, in a large series of cases, obtained most
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He uses a rubber catheter when possible or a metal one.
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and continued the progressive improvement of the Institution
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how to recognize, and. can scarcely regard as possible ; notwithstand-
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touched without inflaming it. The jute, which was being carted away as
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used. With the aged, stimulants were always indicated.
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Llown in an ice-salt mixture and allowed to stand until the cream had thor-
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symptoms are stubborn, the substitution of the hypodermic
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These cases also teach us the value of the X-ray in diagnosis, and
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involving mucli of the normal palate. No one who looked at the section could
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every other — making all serve the man, instead of
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it is of course capable of communicating to and inciting in
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microscope after mechanical stimulation, seems ordinarily to
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orders the concurrence of comedones, the chronic course of the disease,
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and collapsed, and swelling will then be attributable to enlarged and