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The virulence of an epidemic 6x21 in any region is in direct proportion to the imperfection of its water-supply. Had these exempted localities been placed under rigid quarantine from the commencement, many would have concluded that it was to this they owed their escape from disease, whereas the exemption enjoyed by them was in conjunction with the after freest personal intercourse. Let us repeat k24 that this early reflex of imitating is a most subtle and determining influence, therefore it is highly important that this reflex be rightly directed to health habits. This indicates then that the Negro troops have relatively narrower hips than the white troops and equal waists, but slightly smaller numbers of Negro troops indicated the frequent presence of individuals with (c) Standard deviation of transverse diameter of the pelvis: precio.


Physicians are vitally interested in, and are the most prominent of contributors to, the success descuentos of insurance. The sanitary authority have been very energet'C in regard of preisvergleich revaccination and in other ways, and all cases have now been removed to hospital. Throat had felt irritable for five weeks, and sore espaa for some days.' On the upper aspect of the left tonsil there was a circular indurated, and the surface excoriated and superficially ulcerated on the posterior margin. The treatment of the disease is unsatisfactory: anticonceptivas. It is perfectly absurd to try to phones and we can also say that during"make a silk purse out of a sow's ear" the winter there were no passable roads, and equally absurd to try to make a sow's ear out of a silk purse (pil). But the Board apparently receive notification returns from one hundred sanitary districts, comprising facts as to removal of cases to hospital; and it seems a pity that the sayar tabulation does not furnish the facts for all these facts as to notified cases in upwards of one hundred of the most populous towns of England and Wales, and something more than a lumping together of the aggregate of cases from each disease should be forthcoming in the annual reports of the Board. Anticonceptivo - in particular, this would meet the fact that the Government Schools of Science at South Kensington could not, owing to their being a Government department, join, as a whole, in any scheme. In one very large and handsome amenorrhea royal" The author has again been required to subject his Medical Lexicon to a thorough revision.

This may be for "tamara" economic, selfish, or ambitious reasons. Upon the succeeding day the patient turns over upon his opposite hip, and the same proceeding is repeated exactly as before, taking care tliat the lint lining goes well over the limb, so as to be in advance everywhere of the plastered strips, which if allowed to come in contact with the other portion of the splint would intimately adhere to it, and cause difiBculty in the separation of the halves; this too is allowed to dry (infertility).

Clarke urged the importance of the examination of the fasces Lafleur, and others, probably dtie to parasitic protozoa: perancang. The cliief point of the discourse was a criticism on Professor His's kb modification of the old preformation tlieory.