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in the time of the most severe illness I am really not sick.

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To Sir Charles Bell is due the honour of having first

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be in poor health and the boy at the age of eleven was forced

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substantiated, should also be discredited by insistent skeptics of this ilk,

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in the same substances, are derived from the experiments of Dr.

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All went well for the first four days, when (October 29th),

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ad, if the abdomen be not largely distended, it is more marked

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of entamebic dysentery is usually long and latent infec-

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says that her appetite is not good ; her bowels are regu-

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of the mastoid as indicated. The delirium of alcoholism demands more

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minority of the trustees now protest, and thus the matter rests, while the

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pretty peasant girl. Here's street-dance of Harlequin and Columbine —

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tents. If, however, the stopper be removed, and it is exposed to air, it soon

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information from the Vaccination Officer of another district, or on other

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nosis than this, although exploratory puncture of the an-

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The periosteum is also affected and becomes greatly thickened,

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ingly prematurely old. Or the patients may be of infantile type

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A number of studies estimate that nearly half of Manila’ s

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at the 120° Fahr. The mercury having been expelled, the

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stagnating, in the brain. It is to be found in the fact, that the skin and

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fever; trypanosomiasis; kala-azar, generally an irregu-

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On Amputation at the Knee- Joint — at the Knee — and Exci-

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patients object to this bandage but experience has taught me

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to follow, by dissection, the bronchial tube from which the

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be no need of quite as many internes as in a hospital

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a group of separate buildings, 10 in all, joined together and sur-

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James C. White, of this city. Dr. White has been heretofore a con-

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equation" in the interpretations of results foimd when a

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the heart is not filling normally. There is room, therefore, for a con-

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Public Health hospital, would not have made him a pauper.

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amount of [)i<^ment in IS hours which it would tak(; the control