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Institutes, and not elsewhere, as the work is copyrighted).

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tion, but it is only a very few years since our national association published

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value in the hygienic treatment of those forms of disease, and

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ignorant persons being to place a dry towel over the part, and to

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1. Cleared the canal of the hernial sac and of any other

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a very low diet, composed entirely of a little milk and dry toast,

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particular attention, when I come to speak of the condition, in

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and closed the wounds by tents. Prescribed calomel 2 grs., Do-

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by it was sadly dispelled by the homicides, reported or otherwise

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off a long spiculum that projected from the end of the upper fragment.

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dysentery might directly affect the liver, and my first impressions 8

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had been for some days passing bones of different sizes and shapes,

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narrow neck, or bridge, as it were ; others possess a firm exter-

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judging from our experience, to meet with a young man of vigor-

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drinks ; the use of cod-liver oil (jecaris aselli) ; the use of

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There may be rupture of the cornea and sclerotic, and

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Eighth — That in consideration of her ability to accomplish this

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cases of this kind. Summarily, it may be said, in the language

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5. Observations and experiments on the fifth pair of nerves

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