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President Obama orders pizza takeaway during Las Vegas visit

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President Obama ordered takeaway pizzas to be delivered to his hotel during his visit to Las Vegas this week. The American president was in Las Vegas for an official visit, making a speech at the UPS in Vegas during his trip to Nevada. A dozen pizzas and approximately the same number of pasta dishes were […]

Domino’s Pizza branch in Australia sets new world pizza making record

The Domino’s Pizza store in Bundaberg, in Queensland Australia has succeeded smashing not one, but two world records after its pizza making marathon on Saturday January 21st. The team at the Domino’s Pizza takeaway in Bundaberg shot into the Guinness Book of World Records by making 837 pizzas in just one hour on Saturday night, […]

Pizza Express eyes corporate market with launch of business vouchers

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Pizza Express are looking to target the corporate market in 2012 with the launch of its Business Incentive Scheme which invites companies to purchase Pizza Express vouchers for employees which can be used as sales bonuses or rewards. The Pizza express business vouchers can be forwarded to the recipients in a number of different formats […]

Goodfella’s Pizza School opens its doors in the Big Apple

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Goodfella’s pizza school has announced the official opening of its pizza school in Staten Island, New York, along with the introduction of its brand new website which provides information on the pizza school for potential students. The pizza school will offer a range of services to offer pizza makers and pizza entrepreneurs the chance to […]

Man devises way to build 1m tower of free Pizza Hut salad

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An engineer from China has created a design which will ensure maximum results from a one-bowl-one-visit to the free salad bar at a Pizza Hut restaurant. Shen Hongui came up with the plan after Pizza Hut imposed a limit on the number of visits diners could make to their salad bar in their restaurants in […]

Domino’s Pizza report £1 million daily online sales

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Domino’s Pizza’s popularity shows no signs of waning as the company recently revealed that their online sales regularly top £1 million a day. The increased usage of smart phones and the success of the Domino’s Pizza app has been credited with helping the home pizza delivery provider achieve these impressive sales. Shares for Domino’s are […]

Pizza Hut in Welwyn Garden City to close its doors

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The Pizza Hut restaurant in Howardsgate, Welwyn Garden City, has confirmed it will be closing its doors after it revealed last year that it wouldn’t be renewing its lease on the building it currently operates from. While the Pizza Hut will finish serving pizza from its restaurant in Howardsgate on January 14th, a spokesperson for […]

Domino’s Pizza reports boost in sales for last quarter of 2011

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Domino’s Pizza ended 2011 on high reporting a boost in sales to end the last quarter of the year. With Brits eager to save money ahead of the costly festive season, Domino’s cashed in on customer’s preference to stay in and eat rather than dine out. Figures released by the leading home pizza delivery company […]


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- New CEO and new HQ for Domino’s Pizza – Lance Batchelor has taken over from Chris Moore as Chief Executive Officer for Domino’s Pizza.<>  This change in management is effective from today [Monday, December 26]. Lance brings with him a breadth of experience from fast moving consumer brands such as, Vodafone and Tesco.  […]