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argued that the climate of this country was altogether of
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A careful study of the lesion adds practically nothing
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'1895, ex, 629, and 1904, cxxvii, 1; British Journal of Dermatology, 1900, xii,
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of the discharging rods of a static machine or of a powerful
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Dr. Saunders made the announcements Dr. Lewis presented a paper indicating
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the first, however, is the more rational, if it be true, as estimated by Ber-
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ski (J.) Ein Fall eines periarticiiliiren, her-
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Amaurotic Pernicious Fever. — During an attack of pernicious
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hospitals in England which he could find in the Directory, was entirely incon-
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in man. J. Anat. & Physiol., Lond., 1895-6. xxx, 502-504.—
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and increased in conditions which drain off the watery constituents.
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blood through the valves of the great vessels springing from the heart. I
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The committee stated that there were minor problems in
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I. Why does an inflaniiiiatioii at one time result in sup-
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several cases very obscure; "infants are frequently affected
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It seems a pity, since the wearing of the tube for a
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cases. In this he follows rather closely the lead of the
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the sac; on turning the tap, about two drachms of a serous fluid and bubbles
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thyroid radioiodine uptake performed by physicians of NIMH using iodine-132;
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The rarity of instances of stone in the female blad-
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paratively well. There was no diarrhoea throughout. He
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Bee was taken on a glass plate. It is not such a good
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thumb and forefinger. He spoke of two cases of preg-
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vital air has become the atmosphere of a sick room, and where the very
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request our readers to assist us in reporting to us all cases in which they
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Auscultation. — A rough, short, presystolic murmur leads up to
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$1.00 net. Chicago: G. P. Engelhard & Co., 1901.
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the fourth and the ninth or tenth day, the characteristic vesicles may be mul-
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