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tibility of the gastro-intestinal tracts of different species. This
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honor of Prof. Huschke, who wrote the first scientific description of the
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to the already known laws of chemistry, electricity and me-
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and the three stages of syncope, cyanosis, and gangrene may be observed at
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All antiseptic precautions should be taken during labor as to
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apparent cause, and a suitable truss bad been applied. The
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in fact I know of no remedy for this disease equal to arsenic,
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kungen zu einigt-n Versucheu iiber die Wirkungsweise
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Also: J. Am. M. Ass., Obicago, 1893, xx, 601-603. -von
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one or two large doses of atoxyl any more than we can kill the
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all physicians in the District are women, well above
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frequently infected 'with bovine tubercle nutrition and that of the heart-muscle,
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positive reaction to phaseolin (beans), beef and pig. She was put on a diet
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In addition, Blue Shield has set up a Service Section for physicians to deal
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of galactase at all. Indeed, as has been shown subsequently to the
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in his ' Principles of Surgery,'"* " Split palate docs not admit of
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all the more striking that they represent gross exaggerations of his
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fully removed by aid of a sterile tampon, then these
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cases analyzed by Louis, Jenner, and Murchison, the number is 312. Of
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dysentery and rheumatism. He had but just landed from a voyage.
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Wishing to test the virulence of this last growth, we
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a case in which I was convinced that existing paral-
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Repeating the language of the preface to the first edition, in submitting
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stood everything, however, and could write. The face was
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Tne October-December number of The uterus b -^ hy8t< r rectomy . It is % nch
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pplied and continued until 15 minutes after 7 P. M. The tempera-
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Value of Nitroglycerine as a Preventa- Wassermann Reaction — Its Clinical
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haemorrhage or other lesion. The attacks may pass off' after
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the immense preponderance of cases proving the crossing of the motor
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size, nor do they grow so rapidly as do the cystic sar-
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matic, and, as a rule, is less than in cases of acute articular rheumatism.
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of Neosalvarsan. showed diffuse thickening of the uvulapil-
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discharged. Further probing showed that the sinus led up to
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