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mark the period of maturity, excepting such as are connected with differ-

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a subsequent report, however, it is stated, that the patient wasa to-

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the lungs. The next summer was passed in the nu)unlains, at an elevation!

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usually carpet-baggers so far as Kentucky was concerned, I am proud

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exhausted patients. Deaths occur twice as frequently in healthy

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Diagnosis. — The association of ataxic and spastic pheno-

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microscope is to be employed to discover shreds of the characteristic mem-

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useful to Arhiy Jledical- officers. The author has turned

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they are not invariably fatal. Recovery took place in one of two cases

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the pig's stomach is very easily deranged at this age and feeds must

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which is induced and localized by nerves, which observes accurate

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pages in the secretary's minute-book show the exact and perfect

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six districts with a special inspector for each, whose

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less impeded, and no evidences of sepsis or peritonitis occurred. The

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of the affected articulation. This fact is sufficiently

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minute six-hooked embryos forthwith make their escape. They

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Journal.'?, M. Malgaigne's hooks for the treatment of fractured patella are clai^sed

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tion, which stimulates the common sense, thirdly Fantasy, which

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mens of sputa similarly collected in our Eastern cities, would

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as in regard to most others, dealt more in pilfered facts than in the results of


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formed by the upper molar teeth, being nearly pav.illcl. It

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of perfect motion to the joint, with only one and one-eighth

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anus ; and this may also be accounted for by the well-

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nor specially" interested in the maintenance of our present system of

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minished the symptoms. He regarded it as impractical to

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of iodin (Hunt and Seidell). If a thorough trial of thyroid treatment fails,

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was, thai of the persons whom lie had known to die of phthisis, two in

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a knowledge of the positions of the head more accurately than

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properly stained preparations we sometimes see around the parasite

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value of the " air-cushion," the works of various authors on

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is of bad omen and often indicates the onset of miliary or acute tuber-

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kept on H<j^ar traiis[)lanis at 35-87' for two and a half iiioiitliR.

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