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which want pr'Sminence and extent behind, are call-

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when there is fever. In the later stages the pulse becomes weak as well

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We are of the opinion it is better to use the oral method as the routine

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Syphilis of the trachea, though a rare affection, is of considerable

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(a) contravenes any provision of this Act or of the regula-

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sometimes is preceded by premonitory symptoms of depression, pains in

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the finger with a dry wipe, and, using a fresh drop of blood, repeat

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work of others, we gladly give credit and ]iriority wherever it

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of a small portion of protoplasm which now contains all the melanin.

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alone gives rise to flagella, the granular never exflagellate.

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backward, and the long upper portion of the shaft is impacted into it in

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of each a handful, boiled half an hour in four pounds

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the lungs piece by piece. In size, they vary from a small pea to a walnut,

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superficial abdominal veins can be noticed. Further, patients often say

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too early to regard them as cures we feel that the lives have been defi-

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rickety bones are readily cut with a knife on account of the comparatively

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in the alimentary canal, the fatty degeneration of the heart muscle, and

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at firft, the glands which feparate this fluid become

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of the tertiary eruptions leave behind them a coppery stain. The same is

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bably be in succession — (1) gastro-intestinal, (2) nervous, (3) cardiac, (4)

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by an ill -defined groove, passing usually from just above the umbilicus

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care in investigation, fewer cases of apparently slight anaemia, but

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and of preventing permanent deformity. A careful examination of the

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obfervations by which thofe univerfally acknowledged

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A natural variation is met with in different individuals as regards

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of the fore legs, we muft now return to the fljoulder.

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mind and recumbent relaxation of body — is rarely pi'actised. The

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cause. It has been suggested that it may be the result of muscular spasm

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serve as an apology lor presenting sucb a list as the following:

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had been observed to cause definite symptoms were each found to have

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their gluttony to be of a piece with their brutal na-

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The first characteristic sign of rickets is the enlargement of the epiphyses

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sides, and at the top of the tongue ; with a whitish base and some thicken-

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in which methylene-blue is the staining agent. Eosin or safranin may

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ful age of the patient, his well regulated movements, and the disappear-

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Allen sums up the advantages of the local method as follows:

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means of tuberculin, and the complete separation of all animals found to

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hydatids, may each be attended with fever and enlargement of the liver,

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the channel ; as is alfo that in which the tongue lies.

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be fuffered to cool too fad after he has been heated

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To put these suggestions as to the cause of the symptoms to the test