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at night when she goes to sleep, it passes from her involuntarily. This
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17th. — Has vomited very frequently, and thrown up again a
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through the lungs, and is therefore not contagious in the
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Report of the Treasurer from Dec. 28, 1908, to Sept. 23, 1909.
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with its identity, and the former certainly dissatisfied with its presence.
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On physical examination her weight was found to be 110 pounds, her general
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lumbar regions. The onset of the foot-pain is generally quite
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tion ; recovery. Manitoba & W. Canada Lancet, Winnipeg,
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than in the right ventricle, before it received the action of the
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bottles were corked and inserted into a vat full of water. The author's
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" On the Curability of Certain Forms of Insanity, etc. : " —
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Remedy — M. Richet's Clinical Lectuees — The Concoues
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majority of cases the blood-plates are considerably increased.
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with infiltration of the mucosa and submucosa. The muco-
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the lips of the mouth of the uterus at the centre of their margins are perma-
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labour. Professor Oppenheim of Berlin, in his address on " Educa-
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are often confined to it. The effusion forms a cavity in the cord, and the
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countered in cholecystitis, be they mild or severe,
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upon the use of strychnia, its remedial power is such that ab-