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like matter, and sometimes becomes solidified into a cretaceous mass.

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consequence. Fever is set up in four or five days : the oscillations in tempe-

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the microscopical structure of cancer. He said there

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which diffused itself amongst our victuals, and gave it no small

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Parkes had the patient immediately anEesthetized, and

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in which this process has caused irritation or inflam-

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there was not a single quantitative analysis, and it was tiiught

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several times for this ailment without accomplishing

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further examination proved this finding to be correct.

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that progress, not only, in the care of the civilian

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the sound skin, they yet may prove so to the congested or inflamed skin ;

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and to be especially suitable to rheumatic sufferers.

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Keratitis— in newborn, traumatic, 531 ; parenchyma-

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bilateral, and even in the case of lesions which are not calculated to

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13 kilograms. During this period the convulsions recur

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water, 500 c.c. of a 5.4 per cent, solution of dextrose and 1 c.c. of

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Symptoms. — In order to facilitate the description it is customary to

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Dr. Rodman in behalf of one author, aud that of ori-

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a great distance, or from one country to another. The sphere

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988. A fish-bone, or pin, being lodged in the throat, may

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parison between the salt of sodium and potassium in a series of about fifty cases,