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ix, 29-40. Also. Reprint. — Fovrier (L. ) Intinence de

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their health had been since they had been discharged. The

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arrangement was made accordingly. Those patients treated with an aggregate

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portant to keep this in mind, because it is upon this knowledge that your treat-

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evanescent, rarely lasting more than twelve hours; it may per-

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fession of medicine, leaving it, unprotected by law, to be entered by any who.

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United Medical Book Society, and its objects are the follow-

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gun to cause inconvenience by its size — limiting the motions of

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but was having increasing difficulty explaining Lisa’s

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not absolutely certain, we should delay an operation until the case is,

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emphysema, and is proof of the muscular cause or origin of the

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have a chapter on amesthetics. The work is illustsated by some

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can Medical Association. Whether the method is practicable

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jally a cirrhosis, and the areas so affected have shrunk.

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misunderstood. " I advise you, 9 ' said the tutor, " to study the English

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treatment that is virtually certain to produce a low-grade

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gen in the atmosphere into this allotropic condition, every living being would

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A handkerchief should never be used as a receptacle for

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Steele, Sidney Thomas, L.R.C.P. Edin., Bath, of St. Bartholomew's

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Special Pathology. — The process usually consists in abscess formation,

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the operation on the dead subject, and dwelling on the possi-

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patient be wisely treated, but the risk of perforation should

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retention all the salol may remain for hours in the stomach. 1

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To take one example: it has usually been accepted that the

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death. The lungs themseh-es Avere free from disease ; there were no

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capable of arresting extension of the process by attacking

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restoration of a prolapsed rectum ;' the restoration

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tors is sufficiently recognised to preclude discussion on this

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Surviving are his widow, Elise; a son, Charles Victor,

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manipulation, I found all my efforts to replace it were unavailing, the

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