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property which the muscle possesses of contracting under the in-

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excreted, arrested the formation of urea from these and other protein fractions,

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south winds blow ; in an hour the wind changes and cold currents

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spond to the demands made upon its function. Besides, tha lack of

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Corvisart divided cases of myocarditis into two classes, the clis-

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to be the malady induced. But as endocarditis is frequent, and an

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skin does not perspire profusely as in acute rheumatism. The urine

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ness overtakes them. As drowning men catch at straws so sick

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increased vulnerability of the parts) , and neuroparalytic keratitis maj^

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the body and favors the action of new injurious influences not con-

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There is nothing but the thirst of the drunkard for just one drink

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tion that had existed for many years. Corvisart immediately ordered

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to the danger of exhaustion through fasting, we must resort at the

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affairs. The sink drains were conducted, about twenty feet from the

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that were just now indicated, and it is difiicult to find uric-acid com-

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effect, and the two figures tend to approximate. In extreme cases the freez-

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The reasons which constrain us to yield this point will be considered

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hol as a beverage, therefore, cannot be counted among the causes

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inanition, and the muscular tissue, like all the others, suffers and un-

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session as lecturer on anatomy, and receiving immedi-

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sick child, and after his departure called still another doctor. Acting

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If much debility follows an attack, cod liver oil is a good remedy to

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inertia. In order to maintain itself in a normal state of nutrition the

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excess of foods containing fat, produces bilious troubles and obesity;

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vague X->ains referred to the muscles are present more especially in

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the regulation of body heat and the whole circulatory aj^paratus

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powers. If not fatal in the acute stage, recovery is generally perfect.

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familiar bony outgrowths or osteophytes which have so important a

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