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gently tapping the opposite side. The distended abdomen forces the
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Etiology. — Akromegaly is rarely if ever inherited.
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steadily in strength and volume. The extremities are cold
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J 018 ; no albumin or sugar, additional diet permitted ; a roll in
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l; A .M.C.(T.). With a Chapter on Trench Fever, by Major
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powers. It diminishes, however, the poisonous quality
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Extension was usually required in the young, but not in old
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inflammatory edema that obstructs the Ampula of Vater, as classically
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Acute articular rheumatism is always accompanied with more or less
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power — of the lower limbs that causes stumbling and fall-
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The mineral acids are considered as highly useful by Huss, Chambers,
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all this time under chorea. Mental emotion, and especially sudden
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by anabolic nerves during the intermenstrual interval — engaged in a con-
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ances for the treatment of weaknesses and deformities, such as
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(Plate XX, Fig. 1). Much larger specimens may, however, also
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upon them than could have been taken into their stomachs. This leads Dr.
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azathioprine may successfully maintain a remission in pa-
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tion would not be eradicated, as the ]>redisposing factors that
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side under the use of the remedies which are employed for the relief of
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ally hiiemorrhagic extravasation occurs, more or less limited to the