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sioning obstruction (simple or diphtheritic laryngitis), for in these affec-
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thing defined, or on its distinctive attributes. Disease is an absence or
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Water in cases of one dozen half-gallon bottles, $5.00, f. o. b. here. For sale by all first-class druggists.
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is moderate febrile movement ; the countenance frequently presents a sal-
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Laws of the Disease — Clinical History— Pathological Character— Causation — Diagnosis —
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diminish the size of this orifice to that of a crow's quill, or even much
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inflammation. It is probable that inflammation renders the muscular fibres
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pills on application. We feel confident that they will fully substantiate our claims.
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5 P. M. Foot and leg cold ; ecchymosis extending ; foot livid ;
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anatomical constituents of the part, and the damage Avhich is occasioned
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to the abdominal walls, diffuse cellulitis follows, and intestinal gas may be
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to "unknown" causes, making an aggregate, including the still-
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Chloralamid-Schering, and physicians will surely give
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well last night for the first time since in the institution. Ten-
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both the private pupils of Dr. Orant; and more especially by a
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to a non-inflammatory sloughing process, as held by Rokitansky, is still
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direct action upon the sympathetic, make it a valuable addition in the permanent
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mia." In a certain propol'tion of these cases, the surface of the body, to
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Science for October last, it is stated that Dr. Gray, of Glasgow,
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aware. The former causes it to inflame in order to induce
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every suggestion in regard to the treatment of this painful
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was also elongated, so that the cartilaginous margin on that side
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and thus produce a beneficial effect upon the disease. We shall
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the mode of treating these fractures, I offer the following direo-
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or cytoblastemata, are transudations, and, if retained, such effusions
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A third aspect relates to the pathological character of a disease. Under
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salt, one absolutely free from the presence of barium, such as
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gradual accumulation of the contents of the intestine above the point of
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affected, than if the aftection be limited to the lower lobe. It is evidence
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This condition may be suspected when the appearance and other phe-
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abates the soreness in the lungs, improves the appetite, and impedes
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tympanitic resonance is more marked on the side corresponding to the
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cases, the primary seat appears to be in the connective tissue surrounding
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if more than a single lobe be involved. Occurring in persons affected
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Asphyxia, Emphysema, Pulmonary, Nervous Afi'ections,
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that an epileptic patient accidentally fell into the fire and burnt
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catarrh, of which she convalesced on Mondaj, the 4th of De.
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the honor and reputation of the commonwealth, and the best
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fingers that moderate flexion which most relieves the muscles