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their capability of action depends. It is indeed true that we see convulsive move^

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livered by the hand, but whether frcun the cavity of the uterus or abdomen could

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mustard poultices, warm bottles, and small frequent doses of

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well seen in stained specimens. The central pale area is, however,

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struation is preceded and accompanied by a marked aggravation of the

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their category. Pathologically, he considers it a case of con-

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undoubtedly to be attributed to the action of the resor-

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situation, and relation to neighboring muscles. Anatomists describe the action

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of intestinal catarrh and tetanus neonatorum. The chief

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sheep amboceptor. We had come to the conclusion that if a certain

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about the ccecum, which at the same time began to secrete pus, denotes

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The incision was this time made^ over the old scar.

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of the symptoms. By hypodermoclysis 3 drachms of mag-

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edges sharp and arteries small. Pupils of medium size, left slightly

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it was the most trying and anxious operation I had ever

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of mucous membrane when empty, and its immense capacity when

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It is particularly worthy of attention that the effects of a

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Connecticut, Florida, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Maine, Massachusetts,

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years; with a birth-rate of 10"5 and an increase-rate of 10

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by the disease as greatly to impair the force and effectiveness ot

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the possibilities of the plan in general. At the same time, we are at liberty

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As to the use of water and soap the general rules for the treatment of

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that the variable factors which influence the apparent limits

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neglected repeated warnings to have premature labor induced. The midwife said

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Nature's Needs. — A brief consideration of what may be termed the physiology

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shock ; that amputation would be safe as soon as the

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parative anatomy ? Let those who trade on ignorance ac-

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Dr. J. P. Fiske said that the results shown were good, and that the

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rough the Park, at the price of $85 per ticket. This

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however, there is no such expression, but merely a distortion of the fea-

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