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4he General Council, including those of keeping, print-
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their distinctness as special nerve-tissue. And I think
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will take place at the Medical Institution, Liverpool, on
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to the discretion of the attendant either to expedite
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dicine, or an apothecary, shall, upon a summary con-
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cases of pleurisy so frequently supervening on the acci-
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" For Sale. — A Medical Diploma to be disposod of.
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moved ; and, some lint being placed in the wound, the
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Bottomley for having "explained the duty (?) of medical
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tion — at least, as far as the spinal cord is concerned — by
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teral operation (Civiale's) we have no statistics. The
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all benefit clubs, it is a recognised custom that no
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abundance, and the localities in which it exists are
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Cathrow, William, Weymouth Street, Portland Place: November
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was 3 30; breathing stertorous; and her face nearly
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tion, the time of treatment for the second primary affec-
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tion, which is the most important part of her manage-
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some exceptional circumstances present, it must be ad-
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lated, still active; the right was a httle larger than the
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rishing condition, he having a large surplus in hand.
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tinued and citric acid given in its place, and the warm
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portion to the clinical and material resources of tha
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however; the incision in its walls gaped somewhat widely,
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had constantly from birth played with his penis after
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subject over with medical friends, and we generally-
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Lancet, the, on the Association and Journal, 16, 40; on
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larly the lower limbs, were covered with purple blotches.
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this, he shows that the experiments of Viennois, and
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(laughter) — an individual named Dr. Eogers — had the
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towards the patient's chin; by so doing the mouth of the
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companied by increased cutaneous perspiration, is ofien
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considerable hemorrhage, which was restrained by pres-
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between 40 and 00 ; ten between 50 and CO , nine be-
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which these cysts reach the position necessary for their
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Mr. Glover, for Attendance on Pharviacopceia Committee
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contend against powerful influence and wealth, but he
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OS uteri had been closed in a plastic operation, which
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labours of the scientific committees already so aus-
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duates of an university. If this be true, the non-diplo-
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have been called in the case referred to, had he dis-
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an epithelial cell is living, must we assume that the
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