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the other arteries of that limb, is pressed more strongly against the

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the degree of heat be greater than can well be borne, a part of it

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there was no lesion of any part of the nervous centres to explain the

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under aneslhesia. his sepsis progressed. Maj. Chas. F. Nassau M C Chief

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for the worse, which I hope is not the case, it must result from a

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of a cage, travelling for hours straight along, without once turning

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cessful employment from practitioners in India. The following observ-

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could have been able to have done it, but a Greatnefs of Mind

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weight and pain of the stomach, nausea, loss of appetite, and obstinate

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the indiscriminate means employed in combating every form of this

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the like, are eaten profusely, they make the worms restless and the

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prepared to state that Dr. Woodvine was the first to secure and exhibit

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^-^lurunculosis^^ It is important, as scientific men,

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wardly taken or outwardly apply’d; befides its fig-

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the cellular tissues and lymphatics became normal, and the tumor

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that the lungs were intact; position and size of the heart normal,

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any person I am acquainted with. In this instance the chronic hepa-

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2. Compound infected fractures associated with a subacute form of

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nervous excitement, and watchfulness, commenced the same way in

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bowel complaint forms the chief feature in a patient's state, and is

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River, Lake Champlain, and the northern canal leading to Troy and

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cord, but in the right side in the situation of the Hver, in the region of

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case, as the patient's head was neither shaved, bhstered, nor leeched.

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cases. He concludes that when the mucous surface of the duodenum

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itself for a solution of the question. In such instances, as in the case

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convey the blood through the capillary system — that, namely, which

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thence by a reflex action transmitted to the nerves of other and distant

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ephemeral drinkers. One conflrmed inebriate to every b'^d^ of men.

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rick and the fact that he published certain observations in relation

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the snow being five feet deep in some places, and writes behind a

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black stools ; great tenderness of epigastrium and right hypochondrium ;

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nine were transferred; twenty-eight died, and thirty- eight remained

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would be spfer under its influence than under allopathic medication in