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borough by Department letter of Nov. 22, 1902, amended so

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b. Tuberculosis. In the Phipps Dispensary, Mondays and

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VII. Orthopedic Surgery. Dr. Bennett. (For details,

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i Hopkins University Studies in Education. E. F. Buchner and C. M. Camp-

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ienced; an intense intermittent pain, varying in severity with the

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2. That the Medico-Legal Journal will send, when it is com-

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standing, large size, many adhesions. Death from shock

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Warren H. Lewis and M. R. Lewis. Mitrockondria (and other

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year. Wednesdays, 4.30 to 5.30, and Fridays, 4.30 to 5.30.

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"Aletris Cordial Eio" has for a number of years been a great favor-

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Antonio is opportune. Mrs. Kurkas' case, which was diagnosed

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Eyegrounds normal. The patient laughed in a childish manner

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dren by this union, one of which died in infancy from cerebro-

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as the disease advances, may become dry, brown, cracked and fis-

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British Congress on Tuberculosis was summoned not only by doc-

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A. B., Harvard University, 1912 ; M. D., Johns Hopkins University, 1916 ; Resi-

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maintenance of a Medical School worthy of the reputation of this

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Assistant Resident Physician Frederick Janney Smith.

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Thayer, A. E. Mortality on opposite sides of streets, 193.

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forted. Dr. Love was the most magnetic, the most lovable of men.