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peutics; nevertheless, obstinate, inveterate pharyngeal and laryngeal

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blood to the part, which can be kept up so I often found so useful in the restoration of

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being the seat of diffuse inflammation. I had one remarkable

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the usual signs of sympathetic hypertonus would show them-

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eyelids did not extend to the conjunctiva ; thei'e was no bleeding from the

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but the internal surface exhibited a white, crystalline, and ap-

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raised and allowed to drop, fall as if inanimate. On the other hand, menin-

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humerus, he says, he has several times observed union while

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tion, 4 to 5 years ; severity, 2. [Four sittings ; complete relief.*]

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all other structures of the body. ]\lan is at the head of a vast

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would seem to be more than accidental, and it suggests that the indi-

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ratory Syndrome (a New Sign). — Dr. Alfred F. Hess

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F. L. Parker, M. D., Assistant Demonstrator of .Anatomy.


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in this stage ai'e frequently contracted. The face may be flushed, and, in

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tive. The pulse, on her admission, was 100, and oppressed. The

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203. Veal (Marbled) — Ingredients— Spice, butter, tongue and veal.

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Contractures are more of an indication for operation than