Commonwealth Games athletes can’t get enough of pizza

British athletes opt for pizza at the Commonwealth Games in Delhi

According to recent reports from the Commonwealth Games in Delhi seems to be the food of choice amongst the British competitors competing in the prestigious games.

World record holder Rebecca Adlington picked up a gold medal this week for the women’s 800m freestyle event. Talking to reporters after her victory, the 21-year-old attributed her win to eating pizza since arriving in Delhi.

The Olympic Gold medal winner said she’s been conscious of avoiding foods which could trigger any sort of stomach upset after several other athletes were reportedly struck down with food poisoning. In order to stay bug free, Rebecca Adlington said she stuck to a diet of “pasta and a bit of pizza” in the run up to her big event at the Commonwealth Games.

Rebecca Adlington isn’t the only British athlete to enjoy a slice or two of pizza, the UK’s Zoe Smith who picked up the bronze medal in the women’s 58g weightlifting competition is also a big fan of pizza. The 16-year-old weightlifter admitted that the first thing she planned to do after collecting her medal was to tuck into a pizza as she said; “I’ve missed pizza so I’m going to have some.”

The athlete’s village in Delhi had better start stocking up on pizzas now if they want to keep the British competitors happy at least.

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