Coca Cola Happiness Machine dishes out free pizza

The Happiness Machine dished out free pizza, flowers and even balloon animals

Following on from its success over in the US at the beginning of the year, Coca Cola’s Happiness Machine has made the trip across the Atlantic and has been busy putting a smile on peoples’ faces in the UK by giving out free pizza.

The Happiness Machine made its debut in the States and proved a big hit. The machine handed out free items including copious amounts of coca cola, plus even more extravagant items such as 20 foot long subs, and even balloon animals.

The whole incident was secretly filmed by coca cola and the video posted on YouTube. The clip proved a big hit and attracted a million hits within its first week.

Now the UK has received the Happiness treatment courtesy of coca cola. The extraordinary vending machine was set up in a secret location in London, rumoured to be the Imperial College in the capital, and the cameras rolled for two days. In a British twist, strawberries and cream emerged from the machine to make the unsuspecting students smile, plus an extra large pizza, bunches of flowers, and of course, lots and lots of coca cola.

The two days worth of footage from the Happiness Machine was cut into a 2 minute internet viral which has just been released online. Check out the new video on YouTube and see the Happiness Machine in action for yourselves.

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