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Its advent is usually sudden ; there are no constant premonitory symp-

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is so rapidly fatal or produces such alarming symptoms as the strep-

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bacteria or their ptomaines may act directly upon parenchymatous elements

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must be introduced with the utmost care, for perforation has been caused

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liative. At the very onset of the attack, when the j^atient is suffering from

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clozaril reviews weight gain

Hysteria. — In hysteria, the coma apparently is the result of

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patient presents the appearance of one suffering from peritonitis ; typhoid

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Prognosis. — The prognosis in lobular pneumonia is determined almost

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tudinal section both cortical and medullary portions exhibit punctate or

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fourth rib with the sternum on the left side ; occasionally they will not be

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jaundice. But it is frequently impossible to exclude acute gastritis or duo-

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Pathology. — The post-mortem appearance of the tissue* is similar to

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«n?mic, swollen, often relaxed and ecchymotic. Still later it is collapsed

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and more cartilaginous than normal. These rigid valvular projections not

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colored, and is sometimes suppressed. Tiicse violent symptoms soon give

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in the essential fevers. If life can be prolonged, in mild cases, until the

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the lymphatic circulation, and is similar to elephantiasis cruris and

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pelled to take in life, are more liable to fractures.

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characteristic urinary symptoms. Hgematuria with a tendency to suppres-

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extensive. In some cases the two surfaces may become closely agglutinated

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Genu Valgum, or Knock-knee, is an abnormal growth of the inner

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on one side than another, so that a greater part of the bronchial sac lies out of the axis of the bronchial

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(as squills and digitalis) are muro elliciciit in this tluui in any <t(iu'i' form

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Perhaps, when hope of recovery has been abandoned after a prolonged