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Kali vitriola'tum seu sulphu'ricum, Sulphas Kali Lixiv'ia vitriola'ta, Nitrum vitriolatum Schroederi, Sal Sapien'ties seu Tar'tari Sulphura'tum seu Polychfes'tus, Specif icttm Paracel'si, Spi'ritus vitrioli coagula'tus Jfynsichti, Al'kali vegeta'bile vitriolatum, Sal de duobus, Arca'num duplica'tum, Tar'tarum vitriolatum, Panace'a Ducis Holsa'ties seu duplica'ta, a cream large dose it has proved an irritant poison. Small and frequent doses of castor oil are side soothing and efifectual in preventing constipation. The generic latter stains as does the tubercle bacillus, and morphologically cannot be distinguished from it. The fossa, at otc the bottom of which it is placed, is called Locus Substantia seu Lam'ina perfora'ta poste'rior.

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