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either in the laboratory or at the bedside, is likely to be raised

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Under this heading [Monatshefte fur praktische Dermatologie, October 1,

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terest the growth of this latest addition to diagnostic facilities

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take into consideration. Let us concede that there are times when

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7. Certain extraabdominal lesions which may be predisposing causes

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Pneumococcus Type Determination. Serological reactions be-

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THIS girl, aged nine, was admitted March 9th, with cough, pain

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course — alternate latency and intensity — is not so prominent a feature

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filling the pelvis and displacing the contained visera.

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fully dried, and is then rubbed over with a drop of oil to avoid side currents.

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(a) If it present at the epigastrium, the presence of adhesions must be

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on and last meat and eggs. The peptonization of milk seldom helps.

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time comes, the man who consumes more than he produces must be

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