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Malarial fevers are held accountable for 476 deaths, consti-
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Dr. II. I. Bowditch questioned the possibility of making the hospital,
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sojourn in Vienna, to obsen'e the practice of Stoerk,
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sanatoria for consumptives. In 1900 more than 8,000,000
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made their appearance in that city, but as yet there is no
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by Dr Hunter a year ago, at the Glasgow Medico-Chirurgical
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The enlargement of the lymph glands deserves somewhat more
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colleges that had not complied with the four-year regulation to do so,
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washed out in empyema unless decomposition had set in, and
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So the poor old. woman went, not knowing where she was P-oing
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remarked that the men who are attacked are chiefly the " bagmen " — that
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ment, over-exertion, indigestion, more especially when caused
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