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tions of this course. In addition to the ordinary degree of Doctor of

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Reports. The fourth, of the value of £20, is awarded to students of

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to decide absolutely whether a given case is to be classed as neurasthenic or

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201. Invertebrate Zoology I. — A study of lower invertebrate groups, Protozoa,

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Course and Diagnosis. — The course of the disease is in most cases very

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eligible for nomination as members. Candidates must be proposed in

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symptoms of tumors in different parts of the brain :

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The symptoms which have been set down as characteristic of leptomenin-

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the other side show certain sensory disturbances, but possess normal motility ;

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Louise B. and Emma M. Kuppenheimer Foundation was established for the study

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Pathological Anatomy, Pharmacy, Therapeutics, Special Pathology,

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name is registered as having matriculated at the University. The

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citability to direct excitement. The anodic closure contraction (AnSZ) is

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already been stated, there is often improvement without treatment.

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term commences on the first Wednesday in October, and ends at

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tive hemoglobinuria are manifold. In the first place, there is a whole series

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" Active Powers " or Wayland's " Elements of Moral Science ** recom-

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way from the central convolutions to the crura cerebri (see Fig. 125, page

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First CR>a88, — Schools that required attendance on a three years' gfraded course

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make passive movements in any of the joints of the extremities, a healthy

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rapidly progress to deep sopor and lead to death in a few days. When unilat-

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physical and chemical properties of the more important poisons, their effects and treat-

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[In the recent epidemic in New York the spinal type was found to be the

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