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ure ; Treatment of Appendicitis ; The Association of Asylum Workers ;

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riencing sensations. Infancy, as Bichat truly says, is the age

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pected, and upon the introduction of the sound found to be the case. The

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To emphasize the importance of such steps I may state that in the

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of the cervix and of the perineum, it would hardly be ex-

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sented to us, viz. : spitting of blood and cardiac pal-

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natural. In most cases the gall-ducts were not obviously af-

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blood-stream is very slow, or the blood, on account of some alteration

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ticularly corsets, or anything forming a tight band about the

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Appendicitis and the Gynecologist. — Dr. Robert T.

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cording to circumstances, tor two, three, or even four days; at

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tioned. Every such case must be judged on its own characters ; but the

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with that of the epidemic, and aids in giving char-

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three experiments with meat it was seen that papoid

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of the pus and the subsequent drainage the immediate risk

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fever; trypanosomiasis; kala-azar, generally an irregu-

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weeks, after the disease had lasted two months, under

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which aftervraid contracts and indurates, the pioper substance of the

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toms, and the patient suffers nothing but from his non-

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is not different from the musician or the r f^P" '" ^v'u''^"" ""^ Surgery-A

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As demonstrated by Frerichs, the pigment is found in the capil-

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cause peripheral neuropathy. Although sulindac and its sulfide metabolite are highly bound to pro-

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under such conditions, for the delicate spinal substance,

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Dr. G. W. Sanford, Chairman of Committee to nominate Delegates

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sircumstances of the case, to have resorted to an experiment of this nature.

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although not contagious in the sense of being communicable by

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Other Investigators: Stanley M. Levenson, M.D., A. Eric Jones, M.D. , and

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qualities gained, and this it would seem not temporarily, so that actual

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and copious watery evacuations. If there be no vomiting, but great

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If instead of this, which we might call the physiological form of reinfec-

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of bark, to be used by the apothecary, the present limitation to the three

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of them the multipolar form, and more closely packed. Multi-

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urine will settle the question of diabetic gangrene. There is a variety of

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accident has occurred, until all the doors and windows have been for some

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patient lies for a day or longer in a peculiar state, to which Jenner has