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public opinion in the desired directions in tlie iiopo of thus promot-
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blood, secretions, and parts of the dead body ; that retro-
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to hasten cicatrization. If these accumulations were doing no
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between which, when spastic oedema is added, wide lymph spaces open."
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of the inyoiiia, which became elonnnted and efTectually tamponed the
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In April last my friend. Dr. Wilkinson, of Old Broad Street,
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beneficial effects of the free application of spirits of tur-
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Similar to what was found in the spleen— i.e., there was diffus''
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vertebra, or alias, surrounding the dentatus of the second, permits a rotatory
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entire block of St. Thomas' Hospital was, under the
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origin of this disease. In tabulating the causes Dr. Ladd said that there
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in straw, always bring on sneezing, lachrymation, flushing
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so that we may know as certainly as possible whether the remedies which we
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continued fever, observe less exact regularity in the time of their
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I have had an opportunity of using the drug on several
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workmen ordinarily work. Therefore, he has made some
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pressed and perverted function is disease, or at least its
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Dr. J. A. Beck, (St. Louis Medical Jounial, June 18th, 1872), gives a summary of
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concerning three women who had children at advanced ages, one in her fiftieth
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possible to infect the cornea in using unclean instruments for the
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Dr. Senn said that he thought the partial failure in
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546 Pathology and Treatment of Poisoning hij Trinitrotoluene
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expressions as " improved," kc, are of but small value as scientific-
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there in the month of June last — a month, according to accounts from
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included xjigment then accumulates in certain viscera, spleen, liver,
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placed in a sitting posture to prevent the loss of cere-
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infectious mononucleosis with only mild to moderate throm-
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lili'iiirn !' I)' utsebe med. Wohnselir., Leijiz. u. Berl., 1890,
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its crudeness, the homoeopathy of the first direct disciples of
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ning to be exceedingly valuable — and the Corresponding Secretary was
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shows the benefit of giving free vent to pus whenever it is
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face of the liver above, and united by old and strong adhe-
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have deposit in the throat. I make distinction between diph-
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exercise, through pressure, the most injurious influence upon the
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occurrence of perforation in the course of the disease, the symp-
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and rinds of 2 lemons, white of i egg, 3 whole eggs.
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picture he is looking at about equally well with each eye. If so,
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Am. J. Ophth., St. Louis, 1892, ix, '341-344.' Also: Med.
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430. Twisting and stretching, with a pleasant sensation after-
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by the medical officers in charge of the a.sylum to
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cy, M. D., of Tuscaloosa, Alabama.— Mr. Editor : — I am not aware that
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the space of an hour ; during the first five days, the