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all evils. The more prompt a man can be made to pay, the better

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We believe that the experience of most physicians would affirm that

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Medical Clinics and of their value to the general prac-

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“I want that old roll-top desk of mine at the electric

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nally. This should not be resorted to once or twice a day, but a

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Junior Graduate Nurse, $1,620; Graduate Nurse for the

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probable carrier of the contagion is the expectorated mucus.

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than when each staff member is practicing as a com-

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other bills for equipment, automobile maintenance and

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ten dollars ($10.00) an adequate fee to recompense the com-

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medical advice is sought before damage accrues to the individual, these patients can be cured by removal

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The grey substance was strangely altered in shape, and closely

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hyperchromic anemia. It would indeed be interesting

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pital, Philadelphia, for cancer research, under the terms

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ern State Psychiatric Hospital at which meeting presi-

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given by other than intravenous routes. The drugs that

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Clearfield James L. Comely, Morrisdale George R. Taylor, Philipsburg

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of nearly $9,000. This is particularly gratifying, as it

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lished in 1941, with only 1432 cases recorded, less than

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2. FERiyERBER, M. B. : The Results of Co-operative Fever

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Question : But it is being used in some patients who

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ing about in the crib during the night ; 220 cc. of

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Read before the Section on Pathology and Radiology of The

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sulphite of potash nor the sulphite of lime, the first having a

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be taken care of early — as early as possible. I can cite