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Deutsche medicinische Wockenschrift, August 8. igoo.
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Histological examination of both adrenals showed a deposition in
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does it invalidate the results of the analysis. Chloral,
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crusted. Its transverse diameter is 15 mm. and it is raised about 7 mm.
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averaging about 300 mm. of bile in the dog/ a sufi&cient evidence
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made acquainted with the indigenous and officinal plants, and
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oz., mui'iated tinctui'e of u'on 1 oz., water 8 oz. ; mix and
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Studying carefully 100 cases of brain tumor in which an ophthalmoscopic
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symptoms. If pulmonarj' disease be excluded, the syphilitic source of
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mary of the nature of diphtheria, and his treatment
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chance of the patient asperating blood or mucus. The op
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attacks; the spasms being wholly restricted to the right arm and leg; the
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oolored stools; straining; intestinal ulcerations ; shooting pains in the
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Vienna that it no longer is a source of interest to the post-
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be moderate and every attention given to reno'er patients
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insanitv is a relic of ancient times and should be modified.
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one-half inch in diameter, with two or three mulberry-like surfaces and four or
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and the inflammation is of such an acute nature that the
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that the surgical world owed to Dr. Leonard the plac-
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general inflammatory thickening, together with inflammatory outgrowth.
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urine free, dark, clear ; specific gravity, 1.018, one-quarter
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iliSTUBA Gltctrrhizae Composita — Compound glycyrrhiza mix-
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and wash basins, cases, and all necessary conveniences.
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no doubt of its direct and overwhelming powers. All experience
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Dr. Jas. S. Simpson has commenced practice at 112 Avenue
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ber to appear in public as a lecturer even on a subject connected with
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a child of twelve months old, which proved &tal in three
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tion is very often undertaken too hastily ; the nerve should
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class by the rest method with those obtained by grad-
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latter part of July, returning about the middle of September,
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Physical examination showed unequal pupils, which reacted sluggishly to light.
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Acne in its various forms has tenaciously resisted the most
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Dr. Tate had met with a somewhat similar case about three years ago in
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possible because the coordinate systems are the same - i.e., all refer to the LINAC
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cause of the roles of chance, inaccuracies in coding of
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leads A. Szili to the conclusion that the freezing point of