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others was a case of bad sciatica of long standing, which had

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erigeron. Physician & Surg., Ann Arbor, Mich., 1887,

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recently spirochaetes have been considered to be the cause of the

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In Secondary Syphilis, with Debility, and in AncBmia.

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5. What methods ol' treatment were pursued at each station ?

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physical signs connected with the pulmonary organs,

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to admit any synthetized product of definite composition which

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ceps without any tear of the vagina or the perineum. The

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itching, and gave him comfort, but the healing was slow, which

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there was a very strong suspicion that the poison had been taken : but it is

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the anterior surface of the uterus were two lorn; tears or lacera-

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lutely impracticable. It might, perhaps, be rational in such a case

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Bantock 21, in all 85, with 35 deaths, or 40.70 per cent. Of these, there

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were almost all unprotected, (had neither had Small-pox, nor

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the animal spirits in one simple canal; and when two of these

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dorsal and plantar-flexion, pronation and supination, eversion and

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more particular attention should be directed, were suppression

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County, S. C, and the Relation of the Initial Attack to Race, Sex and Age.

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(la urinaria digitata). For the former a good clean sponge is cut

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mentation — and the whole intestinal tract. The nurse ex-

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cardiac disease was given digitalis regardless of the type of dis-

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objects are alternative representations of the same thing. Bacon there-

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met with. It sometimes appears suddenly at the onset of the affection

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work, may ward off attacks ; whereas, when relaxation

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source of disease in men by the introduction of tapeworm and other

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and in an hour was out of danger (see Lancet, June 10). The

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Otitis Media. — Disease of the middle ear not infrequently occurs,

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