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and closes it up as a valve. To remove the compression entirely the clot

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*' We are extremely gratified in learning that our transatlantic brethren

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the problems of infant feeding and of milk manipula-

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vomiting, griping, purging, and an increased secretion of urine. (Pereira, 1 Mat.

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mainlands, and the continued exemption of South Africa and of the

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watering a tree when the roots had died. “That’s then too

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general identity of all forms of tetany. He points out that the variability

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take up any branch of Medical science in which students are

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peared. In the first house where these mice were confined, the neo-

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species were, one after the other, withdrawn from the division

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posed to prevent the seizures. Full doses of arsenic (ten minims of

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obtained from spectacles the patient should certainly receive. But glasses after

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were found the swelling was every where soft, not strained,

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IN PATIENTS WITH ANGINA PECTORIS, there have been reports of exacerbation of angina and,

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and painful swelling. The sweUing was pear-sliaped, the end

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pressure. If we mistake colic for enteritis, the error is of no great

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and usually ends in a cure, though it may be complicated by a menin-

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it was to be a purely psychical set of remedies, though

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cases with concomitant valvular disease, endarteritis, aneurism, or emphysema.

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recently hit upon a cheaper method. He has his clerk to write to various

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from the German by Robert T. Edes, M. D. 8vo Cloth, 1 25*

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say that be did not agree with Dr. Goodell, of Philadelphia,

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regard as of most importance as curatives of intermittent fever,

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diction. They effected this object admirably in securing the

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That either inherited or acquired weakness or pathological

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ministration of an aperient. He deprecated the practice

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Nothnagel (Topische Diagnostik, p. 411); Fritsch, Traube, and Piltscher (Wil-

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in mind the very intimate way in which the three several struc-

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April 21, 1959, St. Louis, MO. Pre-medical education,

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a matter of so much importance as that of Professional study ;

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