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such cases, and I hope that our pathologists will be
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the lungs, and other organs. At first they are hard, but afterward
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Tapper, George W., Jr 508 Turtle St., Syracuse, N._Y.
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modern medical philosophers, too, had slight knowl-
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2. The existence of a relative immunity in many people living in
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constant in two localities. In the tangential layer the sections show
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from Gaz. M4d. de Paris, March 22, 1856, and Correspond. Scien. in Roma.
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of the formic and ulmic acids, &c. into which the sugar has been converted
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ter's^ experiments also indicate a purely stoichiometric basis for the
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tar operates satisfactoril}-, as Hebra first showed, the syrupy ooze
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coccus. Boston believes tliat this is the first case of ulcera-
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the probable motor centres in the human brain, as deduced from
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Angina Pectoris — Onset — Symptoms — Event — Pathology and diagnosis —
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a. In hydromenmgocele and kydrencephaiocele a congenital perfora-
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Adjuvants. — As regards concurrent treatment by means
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any other symptom of intestinal irritation manifests itself, its
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surface of the manubrium sterni by one head, has another attachment
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gations made into the effects of feeding swine on a low and on a
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the individual may die of consumption, or mesenteric
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its influence upon the size of the heart chamber. Moreover, we have no
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ache, nausea, epistaxis, bronchitis, sometimes abdominal pain,
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The indications for the ray-treatment of fibroids vary in the hands
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A cordial welcome, and full privileges of the floor, are recom-
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the patient to walk himself down to fatigue; the probabilities are
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1 In only one of the 18 cases is it directly stated that the mother bad tuberculosis; so
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much as 'tis to the men behind the guns," for service press themselves upon us. It
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sidor the water-HUpply "ho<1 by the students iih pu,. ..,.. „....,,
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both in different individuals and in the same individuals on different
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ever should be used as a compressor of the head to facilitate its passage
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Tribune says that in view of the connection of Sir Morell
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the patient. He also exhibited the intestines removed from the body of this
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announced by him in a paper read before the Institute of
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The next point to be determined was the extent of the spectrum
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on the conjunctiva. When found, it should be secured with a pair of
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cially involved. The rash is rarely detected after death.
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of 100 cerebral emboli, more than 90 affected the arteries which supply the
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whole surface of the body; his tongue was moist, but foul; his
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fifth month, and died in a few hours of sheer collapse before the
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respiration ; evidently no trouble with the sense of hear-
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regions, appearing at first as round, moveable nodules, which
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peared, and the febrile symptoms gradually subsided, although tenderness of the
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seven with one or more letters; with figures he usually failed at
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another ; (c) in the internuncial or pyramidal fibres connecting the
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to two things that transfusion has often jiassed off with-
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